The Biggest NFL Offseason Moves

by Eric Palace

This offseason has been full of huge signings and trades, but what are the top 10 biggest moves?

10. San Diego Chargers sign CB Chris Harris Jr.

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This signing is controversial. Chris Harris Jr., formerly a lockdown corner for the Denver Broncos, has signed a two year, $20 million deal with the San Diego Chargers. Although Harris Jr. adds to an already solid secondary with Casey Hayward and Derwin James, the 4-time Pro Bowl veteran may not be what the Chargers need. They are a struggling team currently in a rebuilding phase, and Harris Jr. will serve as a short-term slot corner. However, short-term old defenders are not what the Chargers should invest their money into.

9. Buffalo Bills trade for Stefon Diggs

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The Buffalo Bills traded a first, fifth, and sixth-round pick in 2020, as well as a fourth-round pick in 2021, for Stefon Diggs and a seventh round pick in 2020. This trade could be a win-win for both the Vikings and the Bills. The Vikings traded away a disrespectful player in exchange for an array of draft picks. The Bills, on the other hand, took a big risk in Diggs. The Bills gave away their future to bring in a young wide receiver who they believe could grow up with their young franchise quarterback, Josh Allen. Despite his attitude problems, Diggs is a player with tremendous potential who rounds out a solid wide receiver core.

8. Carolina Panthers sign QB Teddy Bridgewater

The Carolina Panthers called on Teddy Bridgewater to run their offense, signing him to a three year, $63 million deal. After releasing former MVP quarterback Cam Newton due to his frequent injuries, the Panthers took a chance on Teddy Bridgewater, the backup for the New Orleans Saints. With Drew Brees sidelined by a hand injury, Bridgewater’s upside was shown when he led the Saints offense down the field repeatedly for six straight games, winning all of them. The Panthers look for Bridgewater to accomplish the same feat, despite their offense being incomparable to that of the Saints.

7. Indianapolis Colts sign QB Philip Rivers

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The Indianapolis Colts signed Philip Rivers to a one year, $25 million contract. This is a solid signing due solely to the fact that he is signed short term. After 16 seasons with the Chargers, for eight of which he was elected to the Pro Bowl, the 38-year-old reunites with his former offensive coordinator and quarterback coach. Rivers will lead a run-heavy offense with a much better offensive line. Nevertheless, if Rivers does not meet the team’s expectations, they can release him next season.

6. Philadelphia Eagles trade for CB Darius Slay

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The Philadelphia Eagles traded a third and fourth-round pick for Darius Slay from the Detroit Lions. After seven seasons with the Lions, three of which he was named to the Pro Bowl, the rebuilding Lions determined that they could not afford Slay’s expensive contract. The Eagles, in desperate need of a seasoned veteran to shut down teams’ top receivers, signed the 29-year-old to lead their secondary that struggled last year.

5. Baltimore Ravens trade for DE Calais Campbell

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After franchise-tagging young defensive end Yannick Ngakuoe, the Jacksonville Jaguars were forced to create some salary room. In doing so, they traded the 34-year-old and five-This offseason has been full of huge signings and trades, but what are the top 10 biggest moves?

4. Indianapolis Colts trade for DE DeForest Buckner

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The Indianapolis Colts traded the 13th overall pick in the 2020 draft to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for DeForest Buckner. This trade is a win for both teams involved as the 49ers couldn’t afford Buckner if they re-signed Arik Armstead. On the other hand, the Colts had the budget to pay $21 million with an extension. Buckner effectively pressures the quarterback and captains the defense, allowing him to act as a defensive leader.

3. New Orleans Saints sign WR Emmanuel Sanders

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The New Orleans Saints added to their already explosive offense with a solid number two wide receiver, Emmanuel Sanders. After six years with the Broncos and a short, one year contract with the 49ers, the two time Pro Bowler will now catch passes from the leader in all-time passing yards, Drew Brees. Expect Sanders to put up solid numbers, as he will serve as a nice second option to Michael Thomas.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign QB Tom Brady

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After a 20 year career with the New England Patriots, the 42 year old quarterback will lead an offense with two of the top ten wideouts in the league, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. The Buccaneers signed Tom Brady to a two year, $60 million contract. In signing the veteran quarterback, with the second-most passing yards in NFL history, three MVPs, six Super Bowl championships, four Super Bowl MVPs, and 14 Pro Bowl selections, the Buccaneers are going all-in on winning a championship in a short period of time. After an underwhelming performance with the Patriots last year, Brady looks to rebound in a new system with many offensive weapons. Keep in mind, this is also where Tom Brady proves to skeptical fans that he is not a system quarterback, but the GOAT.

1. Arizona Cardinals trade for WR DeAndre Hopkins

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If not for this trade, the Tom Brady signing would have easily been the top move this offseason. However, this trade was absolutely lopsided and makes no sense for the Texans. The Arizona Cardinals traded David Johnson, a second and fourth round pick to the Houston Texans for DeAndre Hopkins and a fourth round pick. David Johnson has one of the worst contracts in the NFL, especially considering that he constantly misses games due to various injuries. After missing two games due to an ankle injury, Chase Edmonds outplayed Johnson and then stole his starting position, despite being healthy again. Later that year, the Cardinals traded for Kenyan Drake, who played unbelievably, ultimately benching Johnson for the remainder of the year. This trade allows the Cardinals to get rid of Johnson’s horrendous contract and now, with the talent of Hopkins, they can draft a lineman or defensive player instead of a receiver. Arizona now has a go-to receiver for their young, playmaking quarterback.time Pro Bowler Calais Campbell to the Baltimore Ravens for a fifth round pick. The Baltimore Ravens led the league in blitzes, not just because their secondary was very reliable, but also because their defensive line could not generate any sacks or pressure. This offseason, the Ravens signed Derek Wolfe and traded for Calais Campbell, two elite and explosive defensive ends who are expected to put constant pressure on both sides of the line. With Calais Campbell and other pass rushers signed or re-signed, expect the Ravens defense to be one of the best in the league.