Giannis' Future Departure

by Dhruv Padmanabhan

What will the future hold for the Greek Freak?

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With Giannis Antetokounmpo coming off an MVP season, the playoff success looked bright for this Milwaukee team. With no injuries and bright stars, they were geared for a deep playoff run, if not a title. However, all their hopes and dreams for a final appearance quickly dissipated as they fell to an underdog Miami team in only the second round. Coach Budenholzer seemed thoroughly out coached as the Heat were able to take advantage of poor rotational minutes and mid-game adjustments (huge props to Erik Spoelstra) that ultimately spelled the demise for this dysfunctional Bucks roster. Now with the disappointing end to their season, the question still remains; what will Giannis do?

guarantees another five years of him and the Bucks. Recently, Giannis came out with a statement after his less than stellar playoff run saying “It’s not happening. That’s not happening,” Antetokounmpo said. “Some see a wall and go in (another direction). I plow through it. We just have to get better as a team, individually and get right back at it next season.”

This does some pretty promising for next season but keep in mind that the Bucks have another year to either prove themselves or disappoint this upcoming season. On the bright side, young players like Donte DiVincenzo are just getting better and better. The problem is, the Bucks don't have enough room in their salary cap this season to add more talent. If we look at their cap situation from this year, we can see that because of some of the huge contracts—like Khris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe, and Brook Lopez—the Bucks are above the salary cap meaning that they will only be able to sign players for minimum unless they can offload some of their tied up money in by trading some of their players. This doesn’t faze the Bucks, however, as they can easily make a trade to upgrade talent, and with great seasons from Middleton and Bledsoe, they can easily trade for other assets that can maybe gel well enough with Giannis to make some noise next postseason.

With the fate of Giannis in the Bucks’s hands, it will be interesting to see how they will handle this situation. Not all is lost, but they have to be careful as losing Giannis next season may mean that they have to hit the reset button on the franchise.