The LA Dodgers are Unbeatable

by Zane Davis

Why the Dodgers’ star-studded roster will be the one to win it all

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Due to the expanded playoff format, the MLB playoffs will look different this year, and several teams are competing for a World Series title. With many contenders such as the Marlins, Blue Jays, and Padres—who were not even initially considered as playoff candidates—this postseason could offer even more unpredictability than what fans have seen in recent years. Despite the number of powerful teams vying for a World Series championship, the Los Angeles Dodgers will be the 2020 World Champions. The Dodgers have a roster full of elite pitchers and offensive stars, and the combination of these two assets solidifies them as the best baseball team in the world.

Although the Dodgers might be a simple choice to win the World Series, they have a powerful offensive team with strong pitching that it's impossible to not choose them as the future champions. In the MLB, they rank top three in runs scored, home runs, and On Base plus Slugging (OPS) and top ten in walks and batting average. Furthermore, with a team led by MVP candidate Mookie Betts and an offense full of postseason experience, they are certainly prepared for a deep postseason run.

However, the Dodgers’ offense alone is not what sets them apart: it’s their pitching. The Dodgers pitching led the MLB in wins, Earned Run Average (ERA), Earned Runs, Walks Hits per Innings Pitched (WHIP), and opponent batting average. These stats show how successful and dominant these pitchers have been against opposing hitters. With a combination of exciting young players like Dustin May and Brusdar Graterol and veteran stars like Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler, this pitching staff has contributed to the Dodgers’ league-leading 43 regular-season wins. Their deadly pitching combined with their powerful offense will make them nearly unbeatable during the playoffs.

While the Dodgers’ well-rounded team is the favorite to win the World Series, multiple other teams pose a threat to their championship run, especially the Atlanta Braves, who might have the best offense in the MLB. Led by MVP favorite Freddie Freeman, the Braves match the Dodgers statistically in the majority of offensive categories. The Braves, however, rank in the bottom half of the league in the same pitching stats, which highlight why the Dodgers are so dominant. While many teams possess similar offensive abilities, no other team has a pitching staff that matches that of the Dodgers.

Another World Series favorite is the New York Yankees, who despite having a roster filled with stars, have had many injuries. For instance, stars like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have been inconsistent both in performance due to multiple injuries. While the Yankees pose a threat to other American League teams looking to reach the late postseason, their inconsistent performances and lack of pitching depth give them no chance to beat the Dodgers in a potential World Series matchup. Looking at some of the less favored contenders, both the Miami Marlins and San Diego Padres exceeded expectations during their successful 2020 seasons and transitioned from having losing seasons in the past few years to becoming World Series contenders this year. Despite their regular-season success, neither of these teams will threaten the Dodgers, as they simply lack the offense and pitching required to defeat this Dodgers team.

This Dodgers team has a variety of strengths that no other team in professional baseball does; no other team possesses such a well-rounded roster, which puts the Dodgers in a prime position to win a World Series title.

***Editorial Note: This article was written before the conclusion of the 2020 World Series. The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series 4-2 against the Tampa Bay Rays.